Operation Anti-Discrimination - St. Louis Mosaic Project

Affton High School seniors Josh Krakos and Grace Ederer organized Students Fighting Hate and Saturday's anti-discrimination event. Many other students were involved in putting together the unique program.

Civil rights guest speakers Michelle Higgins, Amela Kuckovic and Karen Aroesty spoke on such issues as bias, hate and ways to solve conflicts in the community.

Kuckovic is assistant project manager at World Trade Center St. Louis and St. Louis Mosaic Project. The St. Louis Mosaic Project is an initiative to create a welcoming community for immigrants and foreign born people in St. Louis.

Kuckovic assists in various other programs, such as the Mosaic Ambassador Program in which St. Louisans welcome foreign born, new residents to the city.

Kuckovic said ambassadors may take new arrivals on a tour of the International Institute or visit two or three ethnic restaurants. 

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