Re-Engage in Trade: Immigration & International Trade

A focus on international trade and immigration.

Re-Engage in Trade: Immigration & International Trade

Do global cities have a higher rate of immigration? To what extent do immigrants facilitate international trade? What policy changes can we anticipate with regard to immigration and what does this mean for the correlation between immigration and trade?

“We as a region grow economically, culturally, and socially when immigrants move to our region,” said Betsy Cohen, Executive Director of the St. Louis Mosaic Project.

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From left: Betsy Cohen-St. Louis Mosaic Project, Bulut Kartal-Archtek Industries, Nalini Mahadevan-MLO Law, Stella Sheehan-World Trade Center St. Louis

Betsy Cohen
Executive Director, St. Louis Mosaic Project

Nalini Mahadevan
Principal Attorney, MLO Law, LLC

Bulut Kartal
President, ArchTek Industries

Watch the session here.