Fox Architects Joins the Mosaic Ambassador Company Program at the Gold Level


February 24, 2020

Contact: Suzanne Sierra               

Senior Program Manager

St. Louis Mosaic Project



Adnan Omeragic


Fox Architects






Fox Architects Joins the Mosaic Ambassador Company Program at the Gold Level

St. Louis Mosaic Project is pleased to announce Fox Architects as the 35th Mosaic Ambassador Company at the Gold Level. Companies at the Gold Level agree to spread awareness of the St. Louis Mosaic Project, encourage associates to become Mosaic Ambassadors and participate in volunteer opportunities that support international communities. Additionally, Gold Companies sponsor at least one employee toward an H1-B visa or similar visa sponsorship. Fox Architects, founded in 1978, is an architectural and interior design firm that utilizes informed design to leverage the power of bringing people together. Fox creates social infrastructure that is inspiring, connected and productive. These are the places that shape our community and culture. Mosaic Ambassador Companies engage in action items that promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Fox Architects currently employs people from 4 different countries and actively recruits at local universities for foreign talent. The firm celebrates multicultural events and holidays such as Hispanic Heritage Month, and highlights stories about its employees who are foreign-born. Fox Architects extends its effort to be welcoming to foreign born neighbors outside the office by supporting local nonprofit organizations that serve diverse population. Several Fox Architects employees serve on committees and boards for organizations including the International Institute of St. Louis and the Bosnian Islamic Community Center. A number of associates at Fox Architects mentor international students through the Regional Business Council’s mentoring program.

As a Mosaic Ambassador Company, Fox Architects will post select jobs on websites of the St. Louis Mosaic project and provide diversity and inclusion training for employees. The firm commits to designating a strategic resource to assess the needs in its services for growing immigrant customers in the St. Louis area. Through the Mosaic Ambassador Company program, Fox Architects will continue helping shape St. Louis into a more welcoming region for foreign born individuals and families.


About the St. Louis Mosaic Project

The St. Louis Mosaic Project was launched in 2012 in response to an economic impact report, outlining St. Louis to be lagging in immigrant growth as well as highlighting the economic benefits of increasing its foreign-born population. The Mosaic Project is a regional initiative that is professionally managed by St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, World Trade Center St. Louis and a 32-member committee. Its goals are to transform St. Louis into the fastest growing major area for immigration by 2025, to add 25,000 more foreign born to the region from 2016-2025 and to promote regional prosperity through immigration and innovation. Learn more at


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