Bayless School District becomes 108th Member of Mosaic Project Ambassador School program

Bayless School District becomes 108th Member for the St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School program

The St. Louis Mosaic Project is proud to announce Bayless School District (BSD) as its 108th member of the Mosaic Ambassador School Program.

Since its founding in 1868, BSD strives to build the character of its students by providing a nurturing learning environment where all children can reach their potential.  This focus has led each of the BSD schools to be repeatedly recognized as National Schools of Character.  While the BSD is one of the smaller districts in St. Louis County with approximately 1,700 students, it is one of the most diverse. With students originating from all over the world and of whom speak 30 different languages, 44% of BSD students participate or have graduated from their ELL program. The District has been classified by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) as one for the most diverse school districts in the state of Missouri. The BSD has continuously adapted to serve its school community by making sure all students know they belong. This has been especially true in recent years as the district has become more diverse with 38% of families requiring interpreter services, mostly from Bosnia, Vietnam, and Arabic-speaking countries.