Bilingual Webster Groves grads can qualify for special note on diplomas

Bilingual Webster Groves grads can qualify for special note on diplomas

Starting this year, Webster Groves School District graduates will be able to qualify for diploma and transcript notations that say they have shown proficiency in a foreign language as well as English.

These designations will assist in applications for college admissions and scholarships, and may provide up to 12 college credit hours at some Missouri universities, district officials say.

This follows a resolution approved by the Board of Education on Monday night, under the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy Program.The resolution honors the importance of biliteracy for students and society.


The program was introduced by the state last fall and offered to all school districts. Its purpose is to promote active participation in a global society and economy, celebrating acquiring biliteracy skills and sociocultural awareness, said Kristin Denbow, the district's assistant superintendent for learning.

The resolution will be followed by a formal application to the state.

Potential qualifying students who have good school attendance and no behavior violations, and demonstrate sociocultural competence and a positive attitude toward bilingualism, as well as the ability to use both languages in a positive way, will be awarded the Seal of Biliteracy or Distinguished Seal. Approved essays on the importance of bilingual education will be required of applicants.


Efforts will be made to include non-native English speaking students into the program, as well as to consider sign language as the second language, Denbow noted.

The Lindbergh School District was to vote on a similar proposal on Tuesday night.

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