Mosaic International Spouse Program Consultant in Panel for FOCUS St. Louis Bridging the Gap Between St. Louis Natives and Translplants

We all have a story to share about why we call St. Louis home — whether we chose to stay, chose to come back or chose it on our own. What can we learn from each other? Join us for an evening of conversation and storytelling around how we can bridge the often unintentional gap between these experiences, and explore how our different perspectives can contribute to a greater St. Louis. Hear from community experts who examine the impact of these issues every day, share your own story, and gain perspective from others whose story may differ from your own.


5:30-6:00 p.m. – Check-in/Networking

6:00-7:00 p.m. – How it’s All Connected: Why Bridging the Divide is Important for the Region
Talent attraction and retention are paramount to the continued growth and momentum in our region and are opportunities that we can all influence. What are some of the factors affecting attraction and retention? What are the challenges we face in creating an open and welcoming community? How are different sectors joining the conversation? How can you help?


  • LaShana Lewis, Director, Aerospace IT, and Board Member for Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • Brady Griffith, Lead Life Coach, Maryville University
  • Susan Gobbo, Community Leader and Founder of Mosaic Project’s Women’s Connector

7:00-8:00 p.m. –  Storytelling Workshop from Second Tuesdays
What do you want others to know about your St. Louis experience?
If you grew up here, do you see change? Have you found ways to be an ambassador? Are you surprised when people don’t feel welcome?
If you moved here, when did you feel connected? Were there things that were hard to translate? What brought you here in the first place? Were you surprised by attitudes and actions?

Second Tuesdays will facilitate storytelling exercises and we will identify ways to get connected and build bridges going forward. Second Tuesdays is a local storytelling organization that hosts a monthly event series in north St. Louis featuring curated and open-mic performers, as well as providing storytelling workshops and consulting.


  • Kameel Stanley, Producer and Co-Host, We Live Here, and Second Tuesdays Co-host
  • Chiffontae Ross, Curriculum Specialist, Parents as Teachers National Center, and Second Tuesdays Co-host

8:00-8:30 p.m. – Connecting!


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