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Do you speak your business partners language?

Your Growth. Your Hire. 

Expansion and growth are an exciting time for so many companies, but as they expand globally, a whole new set of challenges presents itself. From language barriers to culture context obstacles, expanding a business into new markets or collaborating with an overseas partner to promote, sell and grow your business is not easy. 


Extensive research and communication with potential partners who may not even speak your language are among some of the most time-consuming tasks of growth on a global level. Often times to reduce those challenges, companies make a quick hire for someone to project manage the expansion and growth. It seems like a very logical hire, but was it the best hiring decision? 


Put yourself sitting in a meeting at your dream European location with your new hire who is bilingual and set to help you take on the growth of your business. They have say at the table across from you and dreamed, planned and advised on what regions or partners would be ideal to engage with for the desired growth of your business. However, once they begin to take on these tasks and meet with potential clients for your business, your voice, your vision, and your passion is completely cut out of their sales pitch and while you are no more the presenter, selling your product or service to potential partners, you’re sitting on the sidelines completely clueless on what is being said about your company in another language. 


You would want to know what is being said and how what’s being presented is reacted to —but most importantly, you should be the one making the deal, not your new hire. Now we begin to see why the best hire may actually be an interpreter by your side (and on your side), making your own voice heard. 


Your voice. Their language. 

An experienced and high-quality interpreter has many years of training and experience to take a professional approach at both verbal and non-verbal communication. Beyond the training to memorize long sentences and communicate accurate translation, they are experts at finding the best cultural references of specific idioms for the language they are interpreting into. 


In contrast, even though an employee who is also familiar with the subject matter and also happens to be bilingual might seem like a perfect option, they may not be prepared to handle stressful situations or convey the speaker’s entire message. A professional interpreter is trained to follow any discussion objectively. 


Your hire. Your Choice. 

So! You’re convinced. Now what? How do you find a skilled professional interpreter—in the right location, for the right languages, and with the right industry experience? 

That may sound like a lot of extra time and effort—and for you, it would be. But for a professional, vertically integrated language service company like AAA Translation, it is what we do best. 


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A New Era of the Digital Age: Translating Keyword Research


To develop content and optimize for search engines, keyword research is an essential task. Keyword research identifies the words, phrases, and language of real search engine queries, allowing content creators to develop assets that speak to the interests and passions of their audience.


Marketers, website owners, and businesses all rely on effective keyword research as part of an overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that attempts to place them among the top ranking sites for various queries. But, is it possible to develop a strategy which is global by translating keywords and ranking for multiple languages?




Translation in Tourism - Is Your Business Succeeding?


With more than 100 million workers globally, tourism is one of the biggest economic sectors in the world. Welcoming guests brings the stresses of perfect translations for advertising destinations, accommodations and tourist attractions. Without these, tourism rates can be expected to fall flat.


Many countries worldwide are turning to translation experts to ensure their reviews on some of the most popular tourism sites remain in-fact, positive.


Does your business interact with global tourism? Sound like something you may need assistance with?







St. Louis Region Announces Professional Job Shadow Program for Foreign-Born, Work Authorized Job Seekers in Partnership with AAA Translation

Every February 2nd is Groundhog Day and the start of spring is determined by whether or not Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog sees his shadow. Groundhog Job Shadowing Day is also observed on February 2nd and is a day dedicated to learn more about a job of interest by shadowing or following an employee at their place of work. In conjunction with these designated days, the St. Louis Mosaic Project is launching a Professional Shadowing Program aimed at matching foreign-born, work-authorized professionals with companies offering job shadow opportunities as a way to help internationals experience American work culture.


As part of their transition into a US-based career, these newcomers to St. Louis can gain hands-on insight and a more meaningful look at a job of interest by participating in this innovative program. Several local companies, including Enterprise Bank & Trust, SSM Health, LaunchCode, S2Tech and AAA Translation have committed to offering shadowing opportunities.





"AAA Translation is unbelievably responsive and willing to meet our quickest deadlines. Our organization operates in 115 countries and it's so convenient to get any language we need from one source. The translations are always native-speaker quality and we get comments from our members around the world that our translations are well done." 

~ JCI – Junior Chamber International