RiverVest Appoints CFO Through Introduction From Mosaic Project's Betsy Cohen

Life sciences venture capital firm RiverVest Venture Partners announced that Sivan Weitzman joined their firm as Chief Financial Officer. St. Louis Mosaic Project’s Executive Director, Betsy Cohen, made the introduction that led to this placement. Weitzman brings with her experience as CFO at an Israeli investment firm where, during her 13 years there, assets under management grew from $250 million to $14 billion.

In the newly created position of RiverVest CFO, Weitzman oversees the firm’s financial operations including those related to its various funds, portfolio company investments, and management company. Last month, RiverVest closed on its oversubscribed $184.4 million RiverVest Venture Fund IV. “As our assets under management have grown, from $342 million to $753 million in less than two years, it’s time to further enhance our financial infrastructure,” said Jay Schmelter, RiverVest co-founder and managing director. “We are excited that Sivan has joined RiverVest, bringing her extensive financial services CFO experience.”

Weitzman previously served as CFO at Halman Aldubi Investment House which managed primarily pension fund assets and invested in a variety of vehicles, from stocks and bonds to real estate and more, in Israel and Europe. Weitzman moved from Israel in October 2017 when her husband Guy Weitzman decided to move his Internet of Things (IoT) start-up Atomation to St. Louis. He felt that St. Louis would not only bring him closer to potential clients, but that his business could scale well in St. Louis’ growing start-up ecosystem.

“Everyone is so willing to give from their own time and help us – it’s been amazing,” said Weitzman, who said she’s become a true St. Louis fan. “We had that feeling right away – this great feeling that somebody is going to help me find the right opportunity.”

One of the first people Weitzman met was Betsy Cohen at the St. Louis Mosaic Project, an organization that links St. Louis newcomers with mentors. Weitzman’s mentor shared Weitzman’s resume with her husband who then passed it along to Tom Melzer, co-founder and managing director at RiverVest.

“My advice when I met Sivan was that she would find a good job through building up her confidence and by the relationships she would make through the various Mosaic programs. She took full advantage of three Mosaic programs-Professional Connector, International Spouse Program and International Mentoring Program. It worked out as predicted-Sivan made wonderful relationships and the result was a top position that uses her skills to advance the STL region. “

“That’s one of the great things about St. Louis,” said Melzer. “We cooperate and collaborate, which makes for a very welcoming place for people to bring not only their start-ups and talents, but also their families.”

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