Confluence South City Academy Joins the Mosaic Ambassador School Program as the 111th Ambassador School

St. Louis, MO – January 13th, 2023 – The St. Louis Mosaic Project is excited to add Confluence South City Academy to the list of 110 schools that thrive on creating a welcoming environment for foreign-born families. Confluence South City Academy is one of five Confluence Academy campuses and is in St. Louis, Missouri. The network of Charter schools was established in 2003 and is a nonprofit, public charter school sponsored by the University of Missouri-Columbia. Of the 783 Pre-K - 8th-grade students, 51% are Hispanic, 44% are black, 3.5% are White, 0.1% are Asian, and 0.8% consist of two or more races. As a Mosaic Ambassador School, Confluence South City Academy shares the same values as St. Louis Mosaic project: to promote diversity and inclusion. Read more.