St. Louis Mosaic Project Womens Connector

 St. Louis Mosaic Project and the Woman’s Club of Washington University in St. Louis have teamed up to present the Women’s Connector Program, an opportunity for international women to connect with local women and activities. With a tradition of education, service and friendship, the Woman’s Club provides programs and activities for members throughout the year.


“This is a group for international women spouses interested in getting to know people from different cultures, helping them to settle down and breaking the culture barriers. This group is sponsored by St. Louis Mosaic Project, a regional initiative within the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and the World Trade Center St. Louis. Any ethnicity is welcomed to join us. We started this group because we are foreigners, expat spouses, and we had been to the acculturation process in United States and other countries, so that we are culture sensitive and would love to ease the acculturation process with our experience. Looking forward to meet you, exchange our experiences and help you to adapt better in St. Louis area.”