Ambassador Schools

     Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School

    Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School

    St. Louis Mosaic Ambassador School

    Action items:

    1. Distribute materials for the St. Louis Mosaic Project, both to make international families aware of services and to recruit new Mosaic Project Ambassadors
    2. Write three annual online stories that connect MICDS actions to the goals of the St. Louis Mosaic Project to welcome international families
    3. Host international parent coffees regularly throughout the school year to welcome new international families and provide them with a supportive parent community that can help them adjust to American life and life at MICDS
    4. Hold passport lecture series and coffee hour for international families to educate the greater MICDS community about their home country, culture, and traditions
    5. Have regular Upper School International Council meetings, a student-led activity group with a focus on increasing cultural awareness on campus
    6. Work with St. Louis area organizations to support their efforts regarding international families, including Casa de Salud and the International Institute
    7. Hold a biennial on-campus school-wide multi-cultural event, The MICDS International Expo, that celebrates the many cultures represented by MICDS families

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