St. Louis Mosaic Project - New Assistant Project Manager

St. Louis, MO - The St. Louis Mosaic Project is excited to announce that Amela Kuckovic has joined as Assistant Project Manager.  Ms. Kuckovic graduated from Webster University with a BA in Psychology.  Before joining the St. Louis Mosaic Project, she worked as an Administrative for several years.

Kuckovic was born in Prijedor, Bosnia.  By the age of 2, Kuckovic, along with her family, moved to Germany due to the genocide that was happening at the time. She spent 7 years in Germany until 1999, when Kuckovic and her family were able to move to the United States.  She graduated from Mehlville High School and is able to speak Bosnian and German.  Kuckovic had the following to say on her new role with the St. Louis Mosaic Project:

“The Mosaic project stood out to me because of its focus on bringing together different cultures. I hope to be able to contribute to the cultural diversity and the goal of growing the St. Louis region. I believe that my knowledge and experience can contribute to the innovative projects that develop in the future. I have always placed an importance on education and believe that I can commit our youth to follow that same dream in the St. Louis region. I am looking forward to working with The World Trade Center and I am extremely excited to see what projects will make a great impact.”

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